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Wednesday 02 December 2015











ON the 2nd day of Christmas my True love gave to me....

a Swarovski Crystal Brooch Pin !, and a Panther ring….

The Brooch is one the most famous and oldest pieces of a jewellery accessories designed and worn over the years , since fashion existed. AS far as the Moguls of India.. who had exquisite brooches designed in pure jewels for their ladies in the court. The English and French used it widely during the 18th Century... and it goes on.
This season the brooch is back with a vengeance on the cat walk.. but as one fashion commentator says , this is no new trend, brooches are always in fashion, and we seem to take note as commentators, rather than actual 'wearers' that there is a trend or this iconic jewellery is in vogue. See the article on Pop sugarto see what I mean! They put its aptly.
Prada and Balenciaga showed this 'trend' for 2015 fall Catwalks, but lets get to basics.... We at Janeojewels see the brooches as perennial... they are in demand all the time. It's a fashion jewellery accessory which is a essential add to any outfit, funky wild to classic ; which ever the look or style... the Jewellery brooch pin is always there by those who want to be particular about their dress code.
The janeojewels leaf brooch which I show below is one of our most sought after pieces. Its simply and beautiful refine fine jewellery, with a kink!, A leaf and a twist and fold, completely adorned with Swarovski Crystals and AB crystals on the contour. A prefect lapel brooch !
Its 6cms tall and 2.5cms wide, available in a Rhodium plated version or 14K gold version, in total 6 colour options.
Even when you hold it in your hand, its feels a real luxury jewellery piece. Its indeed exclusive jewellery from the janeojewels swarovski collection.
The amethyst version is the best seller, as it evokes such calm and luscious vibrations. The Silver Rhodium is Pristine as a base.
Vogue magazine highlights it as one the 12 most essential pieces Accessories trend for 2015, we at janeojewels, who sell jewellery , really understand trends, as we measure a value with actual demand and sales... the brooch is the number 1 accessory in cristal Swarovski jewellery store!