LEAF BROOCH BLOG advent calendar

Wednesday 02 December 2015
                    ON the 2nd day of Christmas my True love gave to me.... a Swarovski Crystal Brooch Pin !, and a Panther ring…. The Brooch is one the most famous and oldest pieces of a jewellery...

Janeojewels Advent Luxury Jewellery Calendar : On the First Day of Christmas by true love gave to me….. exclusive jewellery, a haute couture Panther Cat ring with crystallized swarovski elements….. ahhh, its gorgeous

Tuesday 01 December 2015
ON the first day of Christmas my True love gave to me…. 1 Panther Swarovski Crystals Ring! The Panther Cat ring is costume jewellery at its best; with cristal Swarovski all over. 14K Gold Plated and just the thing to have a Haut Couture Fine...