Janeojewels jewelry is made using Genuine Swarovski crystals. Sometimes mixed with other Austrian/Czech Crystals, all manufactured in Austria, at either the Swarovski crystal plant in Wattens , Austria; or another similar quality manufacturer producing the highest quality of glass cut crystals in Austria. The stones are then imported by our manufacturer in the Far East who is the biggest official agent and distributor Swarovski Crystals. Austrain and Swarovski stones are mixed to combine different shapes and sizes in the same jewellery piece.

Since all our jewellery uses different sizes and colors and shapes of crystals in same item; often the Crystals used are a mixture of Swarovski and Other Czech crystals, but all our Highest quality crystal when Swarovski is not used. We DO NOT identify which are Swarovski and which are other crystals.

WE do not offer certifications, but any buyer familiar with buying Crystals will see the difference in our crystals from many who say that they use Swarovski; the sheen and clarity of the product is far superior.

Janeojewels sources its jewelry from one of the biggest official agents of Swarovski and Austrian crystal rhinestones in the Far East. Our quality costume jewelry is manufactured by one single manufacturer, and made to fine workmanship and semi precious plating settings.

Its important to highlight we do NOT sell BRANDED Swarovski Jewellry, but Quality Costume Jewelry utilizing genuine Swarovski and Austrian Crystals which are manufactured in Austria at the Swarovski Factory or another similar Rhinestone crystal factory in the same country. Our Jewlery prices are exceptionally lower then Branded Swarovski Jewelry and yet offering similar quality and unique designs

Swarovski Stones:

Swarovski is a family name and brand; In 1892 Daniel Swarovski developed a machine which made it possible to cut crystal to perfection and so invented ‘swarovski’ stones. The crystal is glass. In 1933 Swarovski began to produce its own crystal in a plant at Wattens, Austria. The swarovski crystals were flawless, and brilliantly cut jewellery stones and are used today by jewellery manufacturers throughout the world, the janeojewels jewelry is produced by one such factory.

"Occtant" Grade Swarovski Crystals are used in our jewelry; often a single piece of jewelry will have 3 grades of crystals depending on the shapes and colours it utilises. The various grades will however will always be Genuine Swarovski and Austrian Crystals, manufactured in Austria; home of the very best crystals for their brilliance and clarity.


The word 'rhinestones' comes from the Rhine River, where the rock crystals were originally gathered, and the 'Rhinestone' is a translation into English of the French phrase 'Caillou du Rhin'.

The idea of coating the lower side of the glass with metal powder enabled stones to imitate diamonds and a further development of applying the 'Aurora Borealis' a coating applied to crystal stones to produce a rainbow of colours is another effect that gives Rhinestones their glittering appearance. Its referred in jewellery as AB coating, you will often find this used in our products descriptions, implying the stones have a rainbow effect.

Whist we still have some articles which are using other glass crystals, we will shortly be offering ALL our costume jewelry using only Austrian and Swarovski Crystals.

Those articles which do not have Swarovski crystals , will be Identified in the product descriptions as Crystal Rhinestones.

However, even our Crystal Rhinestones are of exceptional clarity and are all glass.
costume jewellery,

We want you to be assured of one final thing; you are buying exceptional quality costume jewellery, using Genuine Swarovski and Austrian Stones, ( the percentage mix will be 80/20 at most when crystals are mixed), at amazing prices, without the banded tag and its associated price in the jewelry.
This is janeo! Enjoy